Friday, June 11, 2021

Sprint #2 Delivery

Sprint #2 Delivery

For this sprint I focused on fixing Emily's headstone, recording mocap, and cleaning up the keys for mocap.


Here is what I originally did with Emily's tomb. I wasn't happy with it so I kept pushing it. and In the process I updated all the tombs

This is what I finally ended up doing with her tomb, I made the font glow so that its easier to see by the player, among many other updates

Lastly I finally got to record mocap for Emily, Unfortunately we didn't have anyone close to proportion volunteer, so I asked Abi to help.

If it performs issues when we attach it to the rig, I can always re record. It was only a couple of animations

And here is an example of a cleaned up piano recording

Thursday, May 27, 2021


Sprint #1 Delivery

    For this sprint and from the sprints onward I will be working on minor material fixes, but most importantly animation. 

After our lead updated the asset list for this semester, I also worked on creating a plan for myself for the upcoming sprints

Here is our current asset list:

Here is my current plan:

This week I worked on doing my research on mocap. Now that I am Vicon Certified, I can record at the studio at my own time. I am also learning my way around MOBU for this project. 

I took this sprint to learning how to properly clean up in motion builder, how to get a good mocap rig, and also how to set keys. This will bleed into next sprint where I will apply this into actually capturing Emily's animations

And yes this includes fingers

I also worked on making a better glass material that is still cheap for the bottles. I used a Reflection Vector with an HDR, in a additive unlit material to achieve this


Here is he final Product

The Assets here provided are the bar bottles and cups that I had plan to work with this sprint.

Friday, April 23, 2021

Sprint #7 Delivery


Sprint #7 Delivery

For this week I worked with Abi to form a beginning of the state machine.

There is not much polish that can be done with animation, since we are waiting for the final model.

For now I got Emily to sit down on the bench and play piano, she also turns her head when she's mad, and she makes a happy pose when she is happy. 

Most of this sprint has been planning the animation and what she can do for the scene.

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Sprint 6 delivery

 Sprint 6 Delivery

For this sprint I started out the animations that will eventually go into the state machines.

There is one animation for her scene playing piano, eventually when the mesh is finalized, there will be even more transitional animations for the piano

Since we removed her walking to the piano, there is a proxy for an idle where she looks away from victor,

The head turn animation is triggered whenever she talks to victor  and the voice acting is triggered

and there is a still for the head turn so that it can be held for as long as needed. 

Friday, March 19, 2021


Sprint #5 Delivery

This Week I worked on finishing the Forest Scene And some animation

First I began by rigging our main character Emily, and by animating a walk cycle for her. 


Then I worked on the forest area, I added some extra lighting, made an iteration of the rocks that was just white to work as the snow clumps, and created a grass model that moves, some branches that look like hands, and a skeleton hand for the ring. 

I also created a snow material that I added to particle FX in Niagra to make snow in the environment 

Here is the final look

Friday, March 5, 2021

Sprint #4 Delivery


Sprint #4 Delivery

For this weeks post I worked on concept art to help myself understand how far I wanted to push the level.
I also created rocks, plants, and a floor to move along the process. 


Friday, February 5, 2021

Sprint #2 Delivery


 Sprint #2 Delivery

    This Week I wanted to tackle the outside trees for the beginning sequence. The shots show a beautiful night time forest full of trees, Which was the challenge for this week. I wanted to get the same look of the forest without having to add individual trees and make it so expensive.

I began with doing what I do best as a novice modeler and extruded some cylinders. I was able to make, what eventually would become the outside forest, and I modeled some simple trees for the closer parts of the forest. The two main trees that I saw were these normal dead looking trees, and birch trees.

I very quickly Textured my trees in Photoshop file, and used those files for now to apply the textures in the model so That I could place them in Maya and render them with Arnold for the cylinder texture.

This was the results of rendering the trees together to create the texture of the cylinder, which will be used to create the illusion of a dense forest later on in engine.

I liked how all the textures looked so I brought them into engine, and created a material for each three meshes. For the forest mesh, I added a texture opacity around the trees, so that the trees looked like actual models. 

Here are the Meshes textured in Engine.

Finally I placed the meshes around the space to make the scene look like a forest around the tombstone. I also added some lighting to match the scene a little better (although this is still very much rough lighting)

And here is the final results!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Week 07- Digital Painting Final Illustration

Week 07- Digital Painting Final Illustration

 This week, we got free range to do whatever composition we desired using anything we've learned so far.

I decided to use the models I already had, along with some new crystal models I got from online to create a glow crystal cave.

I began by populating my scene, and laying down my base colors. 

I used the rule of thirds to composite my scene as well, to follow along from what we learned two assignments ago.

My scene was lit, and like always, I made it brighter than normal so that I have more value to play with after its rendered out.

Here are all the passes that I rendered. I rendered out my usual passes which is the toon shader, object pass, beauty, and a occlusion pass.

I finally imported them all to photoshop, layered out some colors and shadows, made the crystals glow, and here is the final product!

Friday, October 9, 2020

Module 2 Week 07 Homework


Module 2 Week 07 Homework

This week we continue on our crate journey from last week, but this time we will be Jumping into texturing the crate, and presenting it professionally.

I began where I left off last week, with the low poly crate into substance. This I began my texturing process.

With a combination of layers, masks, and effects, I textured the crate to my liking, made sure to also add some distress for visuals.

For experimental reasons, I grouped all my layers and made it into a smart material. 

I took my textures and exported them with the UE4 preferences.

I tested out my textures in photoshop before UE4 to make sure they were fine.

Finally, I imported both the low poly mesh into UE4 as well as the textures from before. With the new textures I made a simple material and applied it to the low poly mesh.

Here we have the fully textured crate.

It was time to present them professionally, so with the use of an infinity wall, new lighting, fog effects, and crate placement, I began the process.

I added some dirt specs to the camera, as well as grain, and played around with some other settings. Afterwards, I created a camera sequencer and keyed my camera in three locations to produce a full view of the crates.

Here are the final shots:

Sprint #2 Delivery

Sprint #2 Delivery For this sprint I focused on fixing Emily's headstone, recording mocap, and cleaning up the keys for mocap.   Here is...